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  • Vivian Bermejo
    Twin Peaks, CA.

    It's not overstatement to say that finding Richard Harris and Color Realty felt like winning the lottery. I am a military veteran and decided to use a CalVet home loan to buy my first home, not knowing that CalVet sets certain requirements on the loan to protect the purchaser, but which can feel like a hassle to the seller. Because of that complexity, the first agent I approached referred me to Richard. I am glad she did. From beginning to end (Escrow closed in November), I felt like I had a highly skilled, truly empathic advocate working on my behalf. Two elements of his excellent approach especially stand out. First, he took the time and made the effort to thoroughly understand what I was looking for in a home. I think of him as a "client whisperer," because it was through his efforts that I myself developed a better, more concrete idea of what I was looking for. Second, his interpersonal skills are top-notch. Not only was he proactive in his communication to me and responsive to my calls, texts and questions, he also was that incredibly effective advocate for me in his communication with the seller's agent, contractors doing inspections, CalVet and others. I wholeheartedly endorse Richard Harris and Color Realty's real estate services. If you're in the market for a home, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone better.

    Cheers! V
    Name: Vivian Bermejo Twin Peaks, CA.

  • Tom Lamore J.D.
    Fair Housing Council Of Orange County
    Housing Discrimination Specialist

    I had the opportunity to work with Richard Harris on a very important project to our organization. The results of this project are relied on by legislators both nationally and locally in enacting regulations and targeting funding to redress problems involving, but not limited to, housing discrimination as revealed by the conclusions that can reasonably be inferred through the project Mr. Harris collaborated on.

    The nature of this project required Mr. Harris to take on complex ad hoc assignments and complete them according to sophisticated protocols both conventionally and cybernetically. These assignments were then reviewed for the slightest deviation to protocol at the local, regional and national levels.

    In spite of having, well-educated and dedicated people working on this project nobody on this project came close to matching Mr. Harris's quality or efficiency of work product. He ended up being a very valuable asset.

    Notwithstanding, his remarkable organizational skills, he was also a pleasure to work with. This was evident by the feedback I received from others on the project as well as my own experience with Mr. Harris.

    I unequivocally endorse Mr. Harris.
    Name: Fair Housing Council Of Orange County - Tom Lamore J.D. Housing Discrimination Specialist

  • Martin & Estela D.
    Downey, CA.

    Richard has been a big help in focusing my search for finding a home and preparing me to sell a home. He seems to have endless patience and energy. He has been very creative when it comes to options and strategies. I have yet to find a home as of this review, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts because I have never felt so comfortable with a Real Estate person. The way that he listens and provides insight is comforting, calming and he makes it understandable. I feel as though I have a real champion on my side. Just sharing, because I feel so lucky and I want others to have such a great experience with such a genuinely helpful person. Concierge-style service is definitely an accurate description! Thank you Richard!!
    Name: Martin & Estela D. Downey, CA.

  • Paveena Z.
    Grand Terrace, CA.

    I would like to give a shout-out to Richard Harris the Broker at Color Realty. I gave him a challenge in this crazy pandemic Real Estate market. I had very specific criteria and a limited budget that I wanted to devote to securing a home. He persevered through all the current rapidly changing challenges until he found an available, affordable, amazing resort-like community that was within my original price-range. Without any reservations, I would recommend Richard’s Independent Brokerage Color Realty to anyone that is looking for a highly attentive, passionate advocate to help with all your Real Estate needs.
    Name: Paveena Z. Grand Terrace, CA.

  • Mark P.
    Claremont, CA.

    I don’t know where to begin. I have said to Richard “thank god for you” so many times that I would now like to write a review. I am a 100% service-connected disabled Vietnam Veteran that no Real Estate agent wanted to help. I contacted Color Realty from an advertisement in a local magazine. I left a message and within a short amount of time that same day Richard Harris the Broker called me back. Just a little back story I lost my best friend, support system and the person that I shared a home with for 25 years due to Covid. She passed away in our leased house. I was lost and was unsure how to navigate my way out of my new predicament. Richard came over evaluated not just my future real estate needs but also my situation in general and jumped into action. At 71 years old, I never thought I would own a home and at first, I assigned Richard with a task of finding me a warehouse building to live-in so I could work on my cars and be left alone. Richard gently turned that ship around and shared with me that I was capable of using my Veterans benefits and retirement income to afford an actual house with a two-car garage. Also, I could no longer afford to keep living where I was on one income so Richard spoke to the landlord and negotiated an affordable rent until I could move into my new home. Additionally, using Veteran benefits and using a VA loan is a major problem in this rapid environment; agents and owners appear to be discriminating against VA transactions because they take extra time, etc. Richard immediately realized what was happening and he went into full advocate mode and very assertively compelled that my interest were going to be heard to the point that he made it known and stayed in contact with a State of California Investigator as a back-up source if we were going to be continually ignored during our pursuit of a property. Ultimately, we found a beautiful, gated community that has many activities. So not only will I be living in a brand new, custom, beautiful house on a large lot with a two car garage, I can also participate in regular classes and group events so I can slowly get back into a social life rather than trying to escape by living in a dark and dingy warehouse. If anyone wants a one-on one advocate Real Estate Broker who will relentlessly persevere regardless of the situation you will quickly understand that Richard with his kind heart is also like a protective lion when it comes to advocating for his clients. I wish him the best and I truly believe he is a blessing. I have told him many times I know my cherished Mary sent you.
    Name: Mark P. Claremont, CA.
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